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Developer center

Step 1: Register merchant account

Click here to register as a Hiypay platform user (recommend to use the company’s mailbox for registration).

Step 2: Application, configuration parameters

If you do not have the payment channels, you can contact us to apply for setting the required channel parameters.
If you have already had the valid channel parameters, you can skip this step for development debugging.
After the application is successful, please find MerchantNo and MerchantKey on the Hiypay platform to obtain the secret key.

Step 3: Development, online testing

See the API  development guide, download the SDK, and learn about the SDK integration process.

  • Development debugging: First use the MerchantNo and MerchantKey to connect sandbox address/simulator for debugging.
    If there are any problems during the debugging process, we will provide professional technical support.
  • Online testing: After the completion of the sandbox connectivity validation, switch to the production service address, your application can go live now. Please visit the Merchant portal to see more payment results data.

Reached here, Congratulations! Your application has completed the access.